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About Property Auctions

The misconception many people have of auctions is that auctions are just for properties that are in a poor state of repair, or just for buyers looking for that elusive bargain. This simply isn’t the case, many properties sell for more at auction than they would perhaps have achieved on the open market. And with the following benefits, our auction proposition really is head and shoulders above the rest.


Auction Benefits

• Very low cost
   ◦ No Agency fees
• Speed of Sale
   ◦ A fixed date to sell and move
• Security of Sale
   ◦ You set an undisclosed Reserve Price
   ◦ Committed buyers pay a deposit or reservation fee

• Online and Live Auction
• Open to Mortgage Buyers, not just Cash Investors
   ◦ More buyers means potentially a better price
• Displayed everywhere we normally advertise, including Rightmove
• Still presented with floor plans and high quality photographs

So if you’re looking for a different approach to selling your home, why not try auction?

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